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Btrieve is Back!

Btrieve is back with a modern drop-in replacement for Btrieve 6.15 that supports the latest Windows platforms & technologies.

Btrieve 12 is file format and API compatible with Btrieve 6.15.  Your Btrieve 6.15 application can run with no changes, and take advantage of new & improved features, such as:

  • Modern installer
  • Simplified & Auto-tuning settings
  • Improved concurrent/multi-user file use
  • Auto reconnect
  • Btrieve Control Center GUI
  • Wire encryption
  • IPv6 support
  • Centralized logging
  • Online help and documentation
  • Updated utilities

Modern, flexible licensing

Btrieve 12 is available as a Limited Distribution Licence (LDL).  A Btrieve 12 LDL allows the holder to create and deploy licences totaling 1,000 seats.  The 1,000 seats can be split into any size required, allowing Btrieve to scale from stand-alone systems, to small peer-to-peer environments, SMBs, right up to large corporate deployments.

Feature comparison

Feature Btrieve v6.15 Btrieve 12 Zen/PSQL
Btrieve API
Non-Btrieve (PDAC, JCL)
5.x file format R/W Read-only Read-only
6.x file format R/W R/W R/W
7.x, 8.x, 9.x file format R/W
Windows 7, 8, 10 support
Cache engine
Multicore support
Updated utilities
GUI-driven Control Center
Mac OS X
Referential integrity
Unicode support
Custom installation
Page compression
Configurable L2 cache
Maximum page size 4KB 4KB 16KB
Maximum file size 4GB 4GB 256GB

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