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Reliably Replicate Data Between Databases

DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition helps reduce disaster-related downtime with a remote backup of key application data.  DataExchange Data Synchronization Edition can help keep a consistent set of data across multiple applications/locations.

Key Benefits

  • Protection against data loss
  • Real-time backup replication
  • Multiple replication sites supported
  • Increased application availability
  • Reduced downtime and time to recovery
  • Unified view of business data
  • Improved data security with 128-bit encryption

DataExchange for Zen/PSQL offers two types of data replication solutions: Real-Time Backup of a single Zen/PSQL database and Data Synchronization between multiple applications.

Real-Time Backup

DataExchange RTB provides a simple to use solution for increasing application availability, and securing & protecting your mission-critical data from data loss.  Quick recovery is essential to minimize business losses during an application outage.  DataExchange RTB captures change events in the Zen/PSQL database and replicates them to a secure remote always-available duplicate backup.  DataExchange reduces the loss of data and downtime associated with:

  • Hardware Failure – computer or disk crashes
  • Site Disaster – floods, fires or power outages
  • User and Application Errors – accidental deletions, OS or application errors
DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition helps reduce the recovery time in the event of a loss – no matter what the cause.

Data Synchronization

DataExchange captures and shares changes from one Zen/PSQL database to another by adding two software components to the database: Replication Event Handler and Replication Engine.

  • Replication Event Handler plugs into the Zen/PSQL database engine and logs inserts, updates and deletes.
  • Replication Engine reads the tables created by the Event Handler and identifies records changed since the last replication session.
  • Changes are grouped into packets and shared with other replication engines participating in a DataExchange network.
  • Detecting and Resolving Conflicts – DataExchange has default and user-definable conflict resolution rules.
  • Encrypting Communication – All communication between Zen/PSQL servers is encrypted with a 128-bit key